Patrick Stuart Baker

Pat Baker was born on April 23, 1950.

About Me

Pat Baker was born on April 23, 1950. He is an adventure photojournalist, mountaineer, and photographer. He is commonly referred to as Pat Baker of Texas. He was born in Presidio, Texas, and became a professional photographer in 1982.

Baker was exposed to the wilderness early in life and climbed mountains in Presidio as early as age ten. He developed a knack for exploring landscapes and climbing mountains, which shaped his photography career. He started taking pictures that he would share with his family and friends on his excursions.

He traveled to different mountains, seas, deserts, and other wild places of the earth to experience the grandeur and take amazing photographs. These photographs cannot only be described as stunning but also timeless, and it is how he has communicated with the world through the years.

Early Life

Pat Baker of Texas was born in Presidio, Texas. The city is located in Presidio County, located opposite the Mexico-US border. The name is Spanish for a fortress. His father was Andrew Baker, and his mother was Lilian Baker. They were among the few white people in town. The majority of the residents were Hispanic or Latino.

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