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Pat Baker was born on April 23, 1950. He is an adventure photojournalist, mountaineer, and photographer. He is commonly referred to as Pat Baker of Texas. He was born in Presidio, Texas, and became a professional photographer in 1982.

Baker was exposed to the wilderness early in life and climbed mountains in Presidio as early as age ten. He developed a knack for exploring landscapes and climbing mountains, which shaped his photography career. He started taking pictures that he would share with his family and friends on his excursions.

He traveled to different mountains, seas, deserts, and other wild places of the earth to experience the grandeur and take amazing photographs. These photographs cannot only be described as stunning but also timeless, and it is how he has communicated with the world through the years.

Early Life

Pat Baker of Texas was born in Presidio, Texas. The city is located in Presidio County, located opposite the Mexico-US border. The name is Spanish for a fortress. His father was Andrew Baker, and his mother was Lilian Baker. They were among the few white people in town. The majority of the residents were Hispanic or Latino.

Baker developed an interest in mountaineering at an early age, a hobby borrowed from his father, an ardent mountaineer. Time would see Baker join his father on his expeditions, and they got to visit different corners of America, exploring and having new adventures.

Baker's father died when he was only fifteen years of age. He resolved to continue with the adventures as a memory and honor to his father. He got his first camera at sixteen and started taking photographs as he visited different places. He shared the photographs with his mother and friends, and they started noticing how good he was. He continued doing photography as a hobby, and it was not until later that he decided to become a professional.


Baker attended Presidio Elementary School. He later attended the Lucy Rede Franco Middle school before attending Presidio High School. Most of his childhood revolved around Presidio, besides the occasional traveling with his dad.

He attended Odessa College District before dropping out during his second year. He began doing casual jobs in his hometown before developing an interest in automotive. He later went back to college before becoming an automotive mechanic.


Pat Baker of Texas excelled in the automotive industry, and he was able to open his own business in the 1970s. At the same time, he visited different locations and took amazing pictures, which he shared with anyone interested.

In 1980, Baker sold his business to become a full-time photographer. He had done a cover story for a reputable media outlet within the first year. Another photographer had invited Baker to help him on an assignment, and he obliged.

After seeing his work, the outlet decided to do a story different from Baker's friend. That was how Pat Baker of Texas got his start. His style of photography involved him considering the landscape part of the escapade and the escapade part of the landscape.

Baker went on to take numerous photographic assignments, some of which got world recognition. He also championed environmental conservation through his photographs and also through his writings. He also openly spoke against environmental degradation.

Due to his role in openly campaigning against environmental damage, Pat Baker of Texas has served on different boards for organizations. Most of these organizations advocate for either wildlife or environmental conservancy.

Baker was very keen on taking photographs of optical phenomena in the world. His photographs have captured dynamic landscapes due to his ability to capture the changing light conditions with the best camera positions.

Photography Equipment and Techniques

In the 1970s, Pat Baker used 35mm Nikon lenses and cameras. These cameras were very reliable, and they offered easy portability. Slide film was his primary medium color. He used Kodachrome in the 1970s and 1980s and later used Fuji during the nineties.

Pat Baker of Texas brought about a technical approach to photography where he extended the dynamic range he captured on film. He created a set of a collection of neutral graduated filters. A famous filter manufacturer produced these filters. Later, these filters were sold under his name and became highly applicable in high contrast scenes.

Baker also mastered the balanced fill-flash technique. The technique allowed him to lighten the deepest shadows subtly to match the moderately narrow dynamic range of color reversal film.


Pat Baker of Texas has always been a man of many hobbies. His notable hobbies were photography, mountaineering, touring places, and spending time with animals. He has been to all the continents in the world and has climbed the tallest mountains. He got several mountaineering achievements under his belt together with numerous photographic accolades.

A least known fact about Baker is that he was a musician. He had decided to follow the path at some point and went to an audition and qualified. However, different financial challenges inhibited his dream of ever becoming a musician. He, however, still plays his guitar at his home, where he spends his time rearing different animals.


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